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Credit Control Services

Many businesses are so focused on winning customers and actually doing the work that cash flow is neglected.  This can create real liquidity problems, encourages customers to take their time and means that late payments and bad debts can become a real headache.

We can help in two ways:

Credit control consultancy

We can help you put a rigorous credit control system in place.  We’ll start by clearing up any existing bad debts.  Then we’ll guide you through credit control procedures and debt recovery processes, plus implement a robust and easy to manage system tailored to your specific needs.  We can also include staff training and offer continuous support and monitoring.
This will dramatically improve your cash flow.  Once customers know that you will not tolerate late payments they tend to settle invoices more punctually.  It also makes it easier to spot persistent late payers and to bring any problems under control.
The is tailored to your specific needs and the cost is very reasonable – just give us a call if you’d like to discuss how we can help you.


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Contract credit control

Many business outsource some of their credit control management to us on a regular basis.  It’s a flexible service that’s tailored to suit your needs and can involve anything from just a few hours per month to a regular weekly contract.  We also cover staff absence due to holidays, sickness or maternity.

How it works:

  • We call your debtors from a disguised number and introduce ourselves as your credit control department
  • We then control and monitor the prompt payment of all your outstanding invoices
  • We will update you weekly with a spreadsheet showing what we have done and what progress has been made.  This also gives you the opportunity to discuss further action – we can discuss individual invoices and what you want us to do next.  This gives you greater control and control is power!
  • We charge 25 plus VAT per hour for this service, but we itemise what we do to the nearest five minutes so you can see exactly where we our spending our time
  • It’s a confidential service – your client just thinks you are super-efficient, which projects a very professional image for your company
  • We can even provide you with a specific local number to put on your invoices.  This means that all invoice related calls come through to our office and are answered with your company name.  Your client gets the impression you have your own dedicated credit control department (small extra fee for this service).

This improves your cash flow whilst letting you concentrate on those activities you do best...

We’re very good at it, but you are probably not!  

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