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Debt Collection Services

Few things are more annoying than being owed money by people who show little inclination to pay.  Chasing the debt yourself isn’t easy – the process can get complicated, it takes your valuable time and significantly raises your blood pressure!

We are specialists who know exactly how to get the results you want – even when the situation is challenging, communication has broken down or friendships are involved.

The minute we get involved the debtor knows that they have to prioritise your payment and the sooner they find the money the better.  With professional persistence and intensive follow-up we get things moving fast.


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How do we do it?

Our rigorous procedures maximise recoveries and ensure collection in the shortest possible timescale.

  • We send the first letter on the day you instruct us.  It will be tailored to the specific situation and sent by email. This lets the debtor know they have 7 days to respond.  It details the debt owed plus costs and gives them the opportunity of paying by bank transfer or card payment.
  • After 7 days a Final Demand letter is sent.  This is also tailored to the situation and sent by email.  It explains that court action will be taken if they don't pay.
  • Finally, our Litigation Officer sends out a letter by email giving a further 7 day’s notice and warns the debtor in no uncertain terms exactly what judgement against them in court will mean. In all cases proof of sending is obtained, and read receipts are requested.
  • Hopefully these letters will prove sufficient to recover your debt – you’ll either have your money or at the very least a signed letter to us, as your agent, that commits the debtor to regular payments.  If the debt remains unpaid, we then start recovery through legal action and guide you through the litigation procedures.
  • If the debt remains unpaid, however, we will commence court action and will guide you through the litigation procedures.  You will have to pay all court fees  and we request that you pay us a fee of £30 to cover the swearing of the affidavit so the court can issue documentation.  We will monitor the progress of your case at every stage and you’ll have to attend court hearings with us if required.
  • In the unlikely event that a debtor produces a defence we will give assistance.  In exceptional circumstances we can even instruct solicitors.  Once judgement has been obtained we instruct Bailiffs or Sheriffs.  You will have to pay their fees, but rest assured we do not “give up at the first hurdle”.  We keep on until your debt is recovered in full and have many different options at our disposal.
  • If it is necessary for us to attend meetings with your debtors we charge an hourly rate of £50.

What information is needed before we can start working?

  • The amount owed plus details of when it was due, any interest or charges applied by you.
  • Copies of relevant invoices, statements, delivery notes and details of any payments you have received.
  • Copies of any agreements or other written acceptance of the agreement between you and the debtor.
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