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Debt collection

"A multinational labour agency simply decided not to pay me for quite a bit of work. I thought it was hopeless as they were such a big company. One of my old bosses told me about Debbie and Kings Ransom. When he spoke of her, he was so confident. So I rang up and was immediately, the same day, off to the races.

Debbie works really fast, and does not mince words, while being extremely professional. It was amazing watching her cut through the bureaucracy that had run me in circles for over a month.  It was a bit of a journey getting paid, as the agency tried pretty much every trick in the book to stall, avoid and delay paying me. Debbie guided me through it with compassion and patience that truly speak to years of experience in this profession. I learned a lot in the process as well!

The end result? I actually came out ahead, getting paid more that the initial sum I was owed due to interest, and the agency paid Debbie’s fees, not me.

If you are the little guy, seriously, call Debbie.”


“After wasting many hours and pounds trying to understand the Governments Money Claim Online service, repeatedly have cheques and applications returned because the simplest of facts appeared to confuse them, I gave up pursuing the debt personally and went to see Debbie at Kings Ransom.  What a breath of fresh air and why did I waste so much of my time trying to do it myself!  The person I was chasing for money had already ignored all my attempts, many phone calls, visits and threats of court action, none of them had worked.  I handed the case over to Debbie after a brief meeting (more of a chat really) within two months Sheriffs were instructed and the full debt had been recovered.

If I ever had a similar situation my only course of action would be to go straight to Kings Ransom.  A very fair fee in my opinion and you actually get to deal with a person who cares about the case, explains it clearly and keeps you informed of the progress.

Can't recommend Kings Ransom highly enough.”
Mike Keenan, Square One Design Supply Ltd

"Dear Debbie, I would like to thank you personally for the way you handled my account.  You have been consistently helpful and understanding throughout the repayment process and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your business to anyone.”  Thank you again,


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“It was wonderful receiving a letter from you with a cheque inside, covering all of our outstanding moneys and costs incurred since payment was outstanding from our client.  It might have taken just over a year to receive our money, but it was definitely worthwhile sticking with you and being patient. Thank you very much for a great outcome, I can highly recommend your services.”
Mike Knight, Michael Knight Bristol

"Just a thank you for all your hard work pursuing our bad debt with a successful outcome.
We were especially delighted to receive recent monies that were totally unexpected and most gratefully received.  We would fully recommend your services and wouldn't hesitate in using you should the need arise in the future. Thank you once again."
Rachel Seats, JW Vending Ltd

"We are very pleased with your level of service and support. We have received regular updates on all cases, and a cheque in our bank is proof you carry out your promises efficiently and effectively."
Burton Sweet Chartered Accountants

"If anyone ever tells me time is money, I tell him or her they are wrong because I believe time is life.  As such when you recovered a bad debt for me recently you not only recovered the money but also the reason why I had willingly given up part of my life in return for the work I had done in the first place.  For this reason alone I have no hesitation in highly recommending you. But to have recovered the money in full in 3 days exceeded my expectations.  Thank you, very much"
Steve Blakeborough, Blakeborough Design, Bristol

"We are really grateful to you for collecting the debt owed by one of our customers, at last a result and it didn't actually cost us anything, as you made the customer incur the costs. I will certainly be using your company again and will definitely recommend you to others."
Mrs C Thatcher, Disney Flooring Ltd, Weston-super-Mare

"We have always had successful conclusions for any outstanding debtors when Debbie at Kings Ransom takes on the task, never the less, this time we really thought it was a lost cause. This ex customer owed us and many other businesses a lot of money and had so far evaded all efforts to pay anything back.  Debbie approached the job in her usual professional manner, keeping us notified at all times. Each court appearance - there were 3 - Debbie reassured us and really was invaluable as it would have been a harrowing experience on our own.  Over 2 years we have alongside Debbie battled out this claim and joyfully, this month, after a County Court judgement being served against our debtor and the Sheriff visiting our debtors home, we have had a cheque for the full amount owed!  We have no hesitation in passing on any bad debt to Debbie, or recommending Kings Ransom to anyone that is owed money, she really is a super star in the world of debt collection."
Jo Cooper-Burrows, @ ap design & print, Weston-super-Mare

"Congratulations to Debbie. I know that just a phone call is all it takes for them to get their teeth into a debtor and recover the money, which is always well done"
Dorian Jones, Snap On Tools

"Just to say a big thank you for all your help with securing the debt owed to us. The service and support we received from Kings Ransom was excellent and a very satisfactory outcome was achieved.  Once again many thanks."
Michael O'Connor, Avon Hydraulics (UK) Ltd, Bristol

"Received your cheque today Woohoo....   You are the only debt collector who has consistently proved yourself by recovering monies for us in a short space of time - Thank you"
Debbie Moore - Ginsters of Cornwall

"Kings Ransom has been collecting outstanding debts for us for a period of at least 2 years. During this time Debbie has been efficient, reliable and approachable. Outstanding debts have been sought promptly.  I have found her advice regarding who to pursue and how, very helpful. She has been trustworthy and honest with her advice and actions at all times."
Lorraine Osment, Happy Hours Nursery, Nailsea

"Over the past two years Techvolution has had the pleasure of working with Debbie at Kings Ransom both as a valued client and as a supplier.  Techvolutions has, like many in these times, a small number of late payers. Debbie's determination to ensure that people receive the monies they are due is obvious and sincere. In addition to that, she is a professional in her field and has managed to secure payments that I had all but given up on.  Having had one client that went into receivership in 2012 owing nearly £1,000, I am far more inclined to employ Debbie's service earlier than I may have done in the past. It was too late in this case and there was nothing that anyone could do, when it could have been sorted out prior to the receiver being appointed.  I would urge any business to keep a tight grip on older debts and involve Kings Ransom both for Credit Control and Debt chasing, as they clearly can persuade late payers to part with their money much more effectively than us.  Many thanks Debbie!"
Miles Kitching, Techvolution Ltd

"Just had to e-mail you to express my huge thanks at the miracles you seem to be able to work.
I am just in the process of paying in school fees from the various locations and it is not until now that I have really appreciated quite how many and how much money you have managed to collect.  It really is nothing short of a miracle! People who have steadfastly ignored me, just pay you without question.  You are a true find and an absolute STAR!!! And the words “thank you” are simply not enough to express my total relief and abject joy at having you on board and also being able to call you a friend!"
Felicity Redgrave, Bristol School Of Dancing

"I hate using debt collectors. I don't do it very often. But when I do, I actually find the process easy and painless and worth every penny with Debbie. She is actually charming and will use this and persistence initially before going to court to recover debts. She provides a personal, non-corporate, non-matcho feel to the whole process.  I always enjoy talking to her and seeing her dramatic efficiency. Sometimes I even wish I had to use her more often!"
Nick Thompson, Holisticvet Ltd, Bath


Credit Control

"I approached Kings Ransom because Plant Care had some staff changes and credit control had slipped.  Kings Ransom helped me by implementing a very professional and well thought out plan to reduce our debtors.  Having used them for 9 months, the result has been a dramatic reduction in overdue accounts!  One thing I liked was their professional approach and I found the experience very impressive.  I would recommend Kings Ransom without hesitation to people who need outsourced credit control."
Giles Davis, Plant Care

"Debbie has undertaken credit control for us regularly over the past 12 months with great success. She's also provided us with some useful training tips to use within our processes which has allowed us to reduce the level of debt outstanding. Thank you .... "
Stuart Edmonstone

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